Baraboo celebrates 3rd annual Circus Celebration

PHOTOS: Baraboo’s Circus Celebration 2015

Baraboo’s 3rd annual Big Top Parade and Circus Celebration kicked off Saturday.

The town is home to the Wisconsin Historical Society’s Circus World and the old Ringling Brothers Circus.

Saturday’s festivities, celebrating Baraboo’s rich circus history, included circus interactive experiences for kids to learn how to trapeze and juggle, along with live music and clown entertainment throughout the day. The main event, the Big Top Parade, featured both historic circus wagons and local community floats.

“We’re here to celebrate who we are as a community, to celebrate our spirit as a community, but also observe and recognize and be proud of that circus history that can only be located here in Baraboo,” says celebration spokesperson Keri Olson.

The event ended Saturday evening with a special Big Top show at Circus World at 4 p.m.

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