“Bans Off Our Bodies”: Madison protesters join nationwide pro-choice effort

MADISON, Wis. — Protestors gathered at the State Capitol to rally for abortion rights Saturday.

The rally was part of a nationwide effort called “Bans off our Bodies.” Organizers estimate that hundreds of events were held Saturday from coast to coast.

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Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin organized the event in Madison as a response to the leaked Supreme Court opinion that indicated the Court will overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision that cemented abortion rights for Americans.

“Criminalizing abortion in Wisconsin is not the future we want for ourselves, friends, families or communities,” PPAWI president Tanya Atkinson said. “Today we’re rallying at the State Capitol to call on the state Legislature and those across the country to protect people’s ability to access the health care they need and to say bans off our bodies.”

Politicians including Governor Tony Evers, Senator Tammy Baldwin and State Sen. Melissa Agard spoke at the event.

Madison police officials said about 1,500 people attended the rally, there were no problems or arrests, and the roads around Capitol Square remained open during the entire event.