Badgers visit Verona elementary school

Badgers visit Verona elementary school

Verona schools are celebrating the Great Kindness Week and some popular Badgers showed up Wednesday to help.

Frank Kaminsky, Nigel Hayes and Duje Dukan visited Glacier Edge Elementary School to talk with some students.

Hayes tried to break dance with his teammate’s help, they read to the kids, played some games and told them the best rule to live by is the golden one.

“It’s always best to be nice and to spread joy, love and kindness because you get that back,” Kaminsky said. “I just go and give them a hug. It’s never a bad idea to give someone who is feeling sad or you can tell is in a bad mood, just give them a hug.

Verona Schools will also be celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week Feb 9-15.