Badger Honor Flight to continue despite shutdown

Badger Honor Flight returns home
Badger Honor Flight

Despite the federal government shutdown, Wisconsin veterans can rest assured they will have access to national war memorials.

There are around 90 veterans on October’s Badger Honor Flight scheduled to leave on Oct. 19.

On Tuesday, a group from Mississippi arrived In Washington D.C. to find barricades blocking them from the World War II Memorial, but they went in anyway.

A tweet Thursday from the park service it will keep granting access to honor flights, just not to the public.

“It’s full steam ahead. Badger Honor Flight’s mission is to serve the vets who served for us, and these men and women who are flying with us Oct. 19 have been waiting 60-70 years for this day and we’re not going to let them be disappointed,” said Steve Bartlett, Badger Honor Flight organizer.