Bad dog frida is a haven for dog lovers

The owners welcome all pets and customers

For bad dog frida co-owners and partners Carmen Alcalde and Sue Hunter, every customer and pet are celebrities when they walk through the door.

The dog-loving duo was sitting in Monty’s Blue Plate Diner and noticed an empty store across the street. Perfect for a pet store, they thought. Since opening in 2006, Alcalde and Hunter have focused on finding the best products for pets.

Hunter says they vet each pet food company to make sure its products are high quality and safe. She says they will stop carrying a product if it’s sold to a major company they don’t trust, or if a recipe changes.

“[We offer] quality products – [there’s] nothing to worry about in terms of unsafe ingredients or coming from places that are questionable,” Alcalde says.

Since bad dog frida is located on Atwood Avenue, Hunter says, many people in the neighborhood will stop by just to say “hi” with their dogs while out for a walk. Alcalde points out that bad dog frida is like the bar in the TV show “Cheers” since the owners know the names of almost all their customers and their dogs.

Pet owners often come back because of the staff members’ knowledge of products and their ability to find the right food, supplements and toys for each pet. If a furry friend doesn’t like a new food, Alcalde says, their owner can exchange it for something else.

“We know [the pets], we love them up and we do the same with the customer,” Hunter says, adding that in her experience people crave community and personal connections.


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bad dog frida
2094 Atwood Ave.

Maija Inveiss is digital content editor of Madison Magazine. Follow her on Instagram @maija.inveiss.