Baby kangaroo, baby goats missing from Outagamie County zoo

A 5-month-old kangaroo and four baby goats were taken from an Outagamie County zoo this week.

Special Memories Zoo owner Dona Wheeler said the five animals were taken between Tuesday night and Wednesday. Wheeler said the goats and joey were discovered missing when staff was getting ready to move them from the off-site “wintering” facility to the zoo.

The Outagamie County Sheriff’s Department responded to the report of the theft Thursday. The department said a joey needs to stay with its mother for the first year of life to survive.

Wheeler said the mother kangaroo’s pouch was pulled out when the joey was taken, and it may not heal. A veterinarian has been to the zoo to evaluate the mother and they’re keeping an eye on her, hoping the pouch will contract back inside the kangaroo.

Wheeler said the shelter wasn’t locked but they’ve never had an issue before. She told WLUK-TV she now plans to keep the facility locked and add security cameras.

The Outagamie County Sheriff’s Department is investigating and asked anyone with information on the animal theft to contact the department at 920-832-5000.