Attentiveness to impeachment hearings: Are people in Madison watching?

As history is being made in our nation’s capital, Madison residents may or may not be paying attention to the impeachment hearings. It all depends on whom you ask and where you go.

Some say they are watching “in the newspaper but not live on TV,” while others aren’t paying attention at all.

Madison resident Jenna Magill said, “We don’t talk about it; we don’t watch the news.”

Magill said her friends and family avoid talking about politics, and the impeachment hearings are no different.

Madison resident Margaret Fuguit said she has been paying attention mostly through what newspapers have been reporting but doesn’t watch on live TV because, “all the stories, the back and forth, it’s just too disturbing for me.” Fuguit said she is an educator and works with children. She described the things she’s seen and heard of the impeachment hearings as being similar to how children act.

“All of this is adults acting like children,” she said. “Lying and not being willing to admit things that are not true.”

Madison resident Justin Barnet said he has been paying attention to what’s on the news. He said, “I’m curious to see how both sides frame. I’m frustrated with one side more than the other.”

Some residents, like Karen Tolle, are excited to watch the impeachment hearings because she is witnessing a historical event happening, no matter what the outcome is.

“I understand it’s divisive and it’s problematic,” Tolle said. “I’m very concerned about legislators who are, in advance of the hearing, already saying, ‘Well my mind is already made up. I don’t care what the evidence shows.'”

Regardless of the outcome, many are waiting to see what happens next.

“I can’t imagine that there are people who don’t care,” Tolle said.

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