Artist paints murals in UW-Madison’s South Madison Partnership building

MADISON, Wis. — Applying to paint a series of murals inside a Madison building just seemed natural to Lilada Gee.

On Thursday, those murals went from concept to creation.

Gee and a team of volunteers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison painted five murals inside the university’s South Madison Partnership building on South Park Street.

The murals exemplify the power and poise of Black women in the neighborhood where Gee grew up and went to school.

“This is a community space, but I didn’t want us to forget about communities are made up of individuals, so I made a digital representation, then drew it, then outlined it,” she said.

The process took six weeks from application to selection and design.

Gee intends to do similar projects in Madison — especially on the south side — in the months and years to come.