Army Corps of Engineers called on to help Rock County residents dealing with lasting flooding

TOWN OF MILTON, Wis. – After dealing with flooding for more than a year and a half, homeowners in the Town of Milton have hope for the future.

On Tuesday, representatives from the Army Corps of Engineers met with state representatives, Rock County Conservation and WisDOT to discuss potential solutions for flooding near Clear and Grass Lakes.

“This is something I’ve been looking at for the past year,” said Rep. Don Vruwink (D-Milton).  “These people want some hope, because town government doesn’t have the money to deal with this.”

Vruwink says the Army Corps of Engineers took notes, which they will review before offering a potential solution.

For homeowners who have battled the rising water since fall 2019, seeing rain in the forecast can be an uneasy feeling.

“(We wonder) If today’s going to be the day,” said Bob Schrank, who lives on Clear Lake.  “If it’s going to be so much rain that we can’t take it anymore.”

Schrank and his family installed several sump pumps in their basement following severe floods in 2009. Now, he says they run constantly. Should they lose power, his basement could flood in a matter of minutes.

“We just kind of go day to day and see what happens,” he said. “Days like today when it’s raining are definitely more of a concern than other days.”

The Schrank family has installed two separate berms to try and keep water away from their home, but say their standalone garage will not make it. The family, which has lived on the lake for generations, is hopeful a solution from the Army Corps could save their home for the future.

“This place is very important to me,” Schrank said.

(This story has been updated to properly identify homeowner Bob Schrank)