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Mineral Point is one of Wisconsin’s oldest cities, and the area embraces that identity.
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Courtesy of Mineral Point Chamber of Commerce
Brewery Pottery Studio

About the Area: Mineral Point is one of Wisconsin’s oldest cities, and the area embraces that identity. The hilly town in the Driftless region was the first Wisconsin city to be named to the National Register of Historic Places, and since then, more and more artists and craftspeople have come to the area to restore Mineral Point’s historic buildings. The town has 15-plus studios and galleries featuring local artists, plus numerous small boutiques.

What to Do: Shake Rag Alley is a nonprofit school of arts and crafts, so not only can you support local artists, you can also learn from them. It features workshops, events and retreats that educate adults (and sometimes kids) on different skills like jewelry making, writing, blacksmithing and ceramics. Shake Rag Alley also has lodging on its 2.5-acre property and 20 gardens.

Where to Stay: Mineral Point is home to many cozy hotels with just a few rooms each. The Mineral Point Hotel is a two-story building that’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places. There’s also Commerce Street Brewery & Hotel, which has rooms above a brewpub, so you can end the night with a beer before going to bed.

Where to Eat: Another historic building in Mineral Point, The Walker House, was carved into hillside rock. Lunch is available three times a week, and it has a huge selection of pasties. Its beef pasty was chosen by Food Network as one of the best in Wisconsin. You’ll also want to check out Hook’s Cheese Co. Inc. if you have a craving for world-class, award-winning cheese.

Must-See Event: Four times a year, Mineral Point hosts Gallery Night. On the first weekend in April, June, August and December, more than 20 galleries and shops participate and host workshops, live music and shopping.

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