Amazon is fixing Alexa’s creepy, random laughter

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Amazon via CNN
The Amazon Echo and Echo Dot


You look over your shoulder — not sure where the haunting giggle came from.

“Sure, I can laugh. Tee-hee!”

It’s dark. No one else is home. Then, you realize:

Alexa is laughing on her own.

Amazon is working on a fix after users reported Alexa-enabled devices giggling out of nowhere or after being asked to do something else, CNBC reported.

“We’re aware of this and working to fix it,” Amazon said in a statement, CNN reported. In a later statement, Amazon said the device can mistakenly hear the command, “Alexa, laugh.”

“We are changing that phrase to be ‘Alexa, can you laugh?’ which is less likely to have false positives, and we are disabling the short utterance ‘Alexa, laugh.'” Amazon said. “We are also changing Alexa’s response from simply laughter to ‘Sure, I can laugh’ followed by laughter.”

Users who have been freaked out by Alexa laughing at them or defying them have shared their experiences on social media.

Laughs ranged from an evil “muahaha!” to a friendlier “hahaha!”

Some users weren’t sure if they’d ever sleep again after hearing a childlike “tee-hee.”

So Alexa decided to laugh randomly while I was in the kitchen. Freaked @SnootyJuicer and I out. I thought a kid was laughing behind me.

— CaptHandlebar (@CaptHandlebar) February 23, 2018

Lying in bed about to fall asleep when Alexa on my Amazon Echo Dot lets out a very loud and creepy laugh… there’s a good chance I get murdered tonight.

— Gavin Hightower (@GavinHightower) February 26, 2018

I live alone and have lights controlled by Amazon Echo. Tonight, while sleeping, i closed my eyes and said “Alexa, lamp off.”
I heard a woman laugh, and lights were still on.

Now, I know that stupid device heard “laugh” instead of “lamp off”, but I can’t sleep anymore….. #fml

— Vedant Naik (@vedantNAIK) March 4, 2018

unprompted, my alexa just said “sure, I can laugh: tee hee” and I’m moving out now

— Daniel (@ddanielclemens) March 7, 2018

After hearing about the issue, others asked Alexa to laugh.

Just read on Twitter that Alexa is freaking people out with a random ‘witch-like-laugh’! I just got a polite Tee hee #Alexa

— Mark Wisniewski#FBPE (@MarkCoolski) March 7, 2018