Alec Baldwin, Gabrielle Union weigh in on ‘fake news’

Alec Baldwin and Gabrielle Union’s new movie, ” The Public, ” tackles many things, including ” fake news. ”

Baldwin, who frequently plays President Donald Trump on NBC’s ” Saturday Night Live, ” said he is concerned about where people are getting their news.

” Not only is the truth being manipulated, it is being withheld or being distorted — people are beginning to adjust to that and accept that and sit there and say, ‘Well, I’ll find another source,’ ” he said in a recent interview with CNN.

” They will seek a source of information and if you’re seeking a source of information and relying on one that doesn’t value the truth, then that’s one set of circumstances, ” Baldwin continued. ” Then people who do, where do they go? What is Twitter? What is the internet? Other than thousands and thousands and thousands of people wanting to tell you what’s going on, their version of that and prioritizing what’s going on, what’s important and what doesn’t matter. ”

” The Public, ” directed by Emilio Estevez , tells the story of a group of homeless people in Cincinnati, Ohio who take shelter in the city’s downtown public library during a bitterly cold night when established shelters are full. It leads to a protest standoff with police, and Union plays a TV reporter interested in making the event seem more like a riot than a peaceful protest.

She said she sees a reluctance by some in the media to plainly call things what they are.

” It does a disservice to everyone. It confuses the audiences, ” Union said. ” It’s a dance that the media does every day and some days are better than others. ”

Baldwin said ” The Public ” is timely.

” A lot of what’s going — nearly everything that’s important in this country that I think is important right now — is embedded in this film, ” he said, citing income inequality as one example.

” The Public ” is in theaters now.