Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey being treated for lung cancer

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey being treated for lung cancer
CNN video
Gov. Kay Ivey

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey announced Thursday that she is undergoing treatment for recently-discovered lung cancer.

Ivey, 74, said in a video address that within the past few weeks during a routine examination her doctor found a spot on her lung that was unusual and additional tests confirmed a “tiny, isolated malignancy.” She will travel to the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital on Friday for an outpatient procedure. The governor said she will undergo specialized radiation treatments soon after.

“The good news is I am one of the fortunate ones where this was discovered early, and it is very treatable,” Ivey, a Republican, said in the video.

She added: “The better news is Alabama is home to some of the world’s leading physicians. My team of doctors have assured me this treatment has a very high rate of success and will have a minimal impact on my schedule.”

Ivey, who has served as governor since 2017, said she welcomes prayers and support in the wake of her cancer discovery.