Agave plant pinched, police say

Agave plant pinched, police say
An agave plant similar to the one stolen from the 1400 block of Drake Street May 31.

A west Madison woman’s outdoor plant was stolen over the weekend, police said.

Madison police said a 51-year-old living on the 1400 block of Drake Street reported her agave plant, which has been thriving in her family for 15 years, was stolen sometime overnight Sunday.

Police said the woman awoke Sunday morning to find the agave missing from beneath her kitchen window.

Each year, members of her family help her move the somewhat rare — at least for Wisconsin climes — agave plant from inside to outside, so it can get some fresh air and sunshine in the warm months of summer.

In a self-report to MPD, the woman described the agave as big, mature, blue and green, 4-feet wide, 4-feet tall and heavy. The plant also has nine to 10 long pointy leaves with spines at the end of each branch.

The woman told police the agave needs special care; too much water or too much cold could kill it.

The woman told police she hopes that the agave is OK and being properly cared for, and that someone with knowledge of the theft will realize how much her houseplant means and return it or share knowledge of its whereabouts with police.