5 beauty tips to beat the heat

5 beauty tips to beat the heat
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By Meredith, Pure Matters

How do you look gorgeous on a humid, 80- or 90-degree day? As any woman will attest, in the doldrums of summer, you’ll sweat through foundation and rub off eye shadow and mascara faster than you can say “air conditioning.”

Still, I see plenty of women enjoying themselves outdoors in the summer, and looking absolutely gorgeous despite the heat. How do they do it? Here are some tricks.

Remember, Less Is More
Save your heavy foundation, cream blushes and eye shadows, and liquid liner for the winter. Here’s a simple trick I try to follow: The higher the temperature rises, the fewer products I’ll use. In the summer, my typical routine is a tinted moisturizer (with SPF!!), a cheek stain, and waterproof mascara. You can even store some beauty products in the fridge for a cool shot to the face on sweltering days. If the thermometer hits 100 degrees, forget it — I’m going barefaced.

Give Yourself Some Lip Service
I know you’re applying SPF to your face daily. But don’t forget about your lips! They can easily be overlooked in your sun-protection routine — I stock up on Chapstick at the start of the summer and keep them in all my purses so I’m never without. Layer a pretty peachy gloss over some cherry Chapstick, and you’ve got a perfect summer pout, plus UV protection!

Work Inside Out
Healthy, fresh skin doesn’t just get that way magically, no matter what celebrities say in interviews. One way you can give yourself an edge when it comes to glowing skin is hydration – drink as much water as you possibly can, up to eight glasses a day, and your skin will thank you. If you’re looking for an even more powerful secret beauty weapon, don’t forget Pure Matters Biotin, which can help beautify your hair, skin, and nails.

Give Your Hair a Rest
If you’ve got long hair, it can feel like a huge burden to blow dry in the summer — it’s already hot enough! Luckily there are plenty of pretty tie-it-up options, from braids to buns, that are easy for summer. If you prefer your hair down, try this trick: Wash it the night before and let it air dry while you sleep, then go through it with a curling iron the next morning. I find that this works wonders on my hair — it’ll be immune to any level of humidity. Plus, the waves don’t need to be perfect!

Feet First
They’re on display in pretty gladiators and thongs, so don’t forget your feet. You can truly treat yourself and climb into a massage chair at a nail salon, or you can go the DIY route. Just buff ’em up, apply lotion, trim and file your nails, and layer on your favorite color. Don’t worry if you go outside the lines … I’ve always found that those mistakes come off easily in the shower. If you’re a manicure type, too, it’s worth giving the new nail polish strips a try. I used Sally Hanson Salon Effects a few weeks ago and was pleased by the results, they lasted more than a week!

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