4-year-old hopes to make soldiers’ holidays brighter with spare change

4-year-old hopes to make soldiers’ holidays brighter with spare change

A 4-year-old is looking to make soldiers’ holidays a little brighter this Christmas from the change in his piggy bank.

Logan Barritt came up with the idea after getting some change from his grandpa. His mother, Becky Barritt, asked him if he was going to put it in his piggy bank, but to her surprise he had a different plan.

“He said, ‘I don’t want to put it in my piggy bank,’ and I said, ‘Well, what do you want to do with it?’ and he said, ‘Well, I want to give it to the soldiers,’ and I said, ‘What do you mean by that?’ He said, ‘Well, their job isn’t very fun, so I want to give them something fun,'” Becky Barritt said.

From there, Operation Logan was born. Barritt posted her son’s idea on Facebook and reached out to friends and family to get names of soldiers to send care packages to.

“He came up with this 100 percent on his own. We have encouraged him and helped him come up with some idea, but everything has been his idea and it’s just an incredible feeling that at 4 years old he has so much compassion to be able to think of others and be so generous,” Barritt said.

Barritt and Logan are still in the process of putting together care packages. They have received names of soldiers from Hawaii to Afghanistan, and through Facebook and word of mouth have raised $250.

Packages will include “fun things” according to Logan, like footballs, cards, yo-yos and flying snowmen, along with essentials like toothbrushes and lotion. Logan also requested that each solider get candy in their packages.

Barritt said with no family in the military, she is not sure where her son got the idea from.

“It was just very surprising. It’s not something we talk about at home or anything, and he has got a heart of gold,” Barritt said.

They hope to raise enough money to send 15 care packages.