4 teens, reportedly throwing rocks at apartment, arrested

4 teens, reportedly throwing rocks at apartment, arrested
Devante C. Anthony, 18; Shawndale K. James, 18; Akiel D. Hunt, 17; and Donivan R. Lemons, 18, all of Madison

Four teens were arrested after causing a ruckus at a west Madison apartment Wednesday, police said.

Madison police said police responded to a report of a loud disturbance on Wickham Court at 4 p.m. Witnesses told police a group of eight was throwing rocks at an apartment window and yelling at someone inside to come out and fight.

A witness also told officers that one of the people taunting the apartment residents said he would “shoot up the place,” police spokesman Joel DeSpain said.

The young men scattered when police were called. Police said the incident is part of an ongoing dispute and that some people involved are affiliated with gangs.

Donivan R. Lemons, 18, Shawndale K. James, 18, Devante C. Anthony, 18, and Akiel D. Hunt, 17, all of Madison, were arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct.