22 car windows smashed out on Isthmus; police searching for suspect

MADISON, Wis. — Nearly two dozen vehicles in the area of the isthmus had their windows smashed early Sunday morning, the Madison Police Department said. Officers are combing through evidence, including blood and shattered windows, to find whoever is responsible.

Many of the 22 vehicles that were damaged were parked in the Tenney-Lapham neighborhood. Police are working under the assumption that the damage wasn’t financially motivated, but rather one of nefarious nature.

“It seems like this was a pretty random, moving trend of damage to property and so we’re investigating,” MPD interim public information officer Hunter Liko said. “Every victim is receiving that same level of investigation, we’re working hard to try to identify the person responsible and hold them to account for those criminal damage to property charges.”

Police say the offender’s motive is unclear, that just a few inexpensive items were taken from the vehicles, and it didn’t appear the offender attempted stealing any cars. MPD added they have not seen similar incidents across the city.

Residents in the area where the incidents occurred said they were disappointed and frightened to wake up to the news, but they weren’t necessarily surprised.

Since then, many have worked together to share the best rates they’ve found at window repair companies.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact them.