26 black-owned food businesses to support in and around Madison

As a consumer, decisions on how you spend your money hold power.
Syovata Edari holding chocolate
Syovata Edari of CocoVaa Chocolatier

Protests have erupted across the globe in response to the death of George Floyd and in resistance to a long history of racism and police brutality on black bodies. Social media pages are surging with resources for awareness and activism. Newly created funds are circulating for protest supplies and bail money in cities across the nation (here is a link for bail funds in Madison), while donation links for groups committed to racial justice are at the top of Instagram and Facebook feeds. See more widespread donation links here.

There are ways to support a cause without monetary donations — research, education, conversation, time — but some organizations require financial funding to operate toward long-term change. If wealth is indeed a measure of power, perhaps a shift in where this money lies and how it is spent will leave a lasting mark in our communities.

Multimillion-dollar companies continue to make statements and pledge portions of their profit to activism groups. A few days ago, Glossier, a well-known competitor in the beauty community, contributed $500,000 to black-owned businesses and an additional $500,000 to Black Lives Matter and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

As a consumer, decisions hold power, and while the average citizen might not be able to scrap together thousands of dollars each dollar makes a difference. Right now — and every day — making contributions to local, black-owned businesses amplifies the efforts to transform the conversation about racial injustice into something tangible and sustainable.

The importance of individual support, by any means available, is vital during efforts of social change. Because even if it does not feel like much of a contribution, individual actions are catalysts for widespread, deep-rooted change. At Madison Magazine, we aim to keep our audience updated with local coverage of area events, city life, food and more. Here is an updated list of black-owned area restaurants and food businesses that you can support:


Anointed One
515 Junction Road, 203-9671

BP Smokehouse
201 Larkin St., Tomah, 343-3671

1210 Williamson St., 286-1448

David’s Jamaican Cuisine
5696 Monona Drive, 222-8109

Falbo Brothers Pizzeria
406 South Park St., 255-9090

Kingdom Restaurant
1865 Northport Drive, 286-1238

Marie’s Soul Food
1637 Monroe St., 318-2888

McGee’s Chicken
2702 E. Washington St., 442-0220
950 W. Main St., Sun Prairie, 318-2888

Melly Mel’s Deli and Catering
315 W. Beltline Hwy, 213-3020

Savi Café
1215 S. Madison St., 283-4903

Food Trucks, Catering and Specialty

Bartender 608
6516 Monona Drive, 622-7608

CocoVaa Chocolatier
1815 E. Washington Ave., 888-803-6122

Food Junkies

Hayne’s Kitchen

Jerk Paradise


Les délices de Awa LLC

Little Red Barn 55
5408 Williamsburg Way, 535-9127

LushLife Vegan Bakery
2817 E. Washington Ave., 957-7510

Keur Fatou Catering
keurfatoucatering@gmail.com, 217-2138

Mango Man Sauces/Cafe Costa Rica Food Cart

Mo’ Betta Butter Cookies
5662 King James, 209-295

Pa Pa’s BBQ
1220 East Broadway, 575-6489

Peanuts and Chocolate

(608) 669-0955

Sista’s Chicken & Fish

Hannah Twietmeyer is an editorial intern at Madison Magazine.

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