2 men survive capsized boat wreck with only scrapes, sheriff says

Two men were tossed overboard from a boat on a Lafayette County lake Wednesday afternoon, officials said.

The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office said deputies responded at 1:38 p.m. to a report of a boat that capsized on Yellowstone Lake and two people in the water hanging on to the boat.

The original call for assistance was placed by Yellowstone Lake State Park staff.

The two individuals who were in the water were able to swim to the south shore of the lake before responding units were able to put boats in the water, according to the report. The two people attempted to walk for help and were found by members of the Blanchardville Fire Department and Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office said they were the only people who had been in the overturned boat. The men reported that the wind had caught their small flat-bottom boat and turned it sideways, then overturned it. Both men had life vests.

Blanchardville EMS responded to their location. Both men reported only scratches and scrapes, but they were taken to Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County to be checked out for possible hypothermia.

The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office thanked the multiple responding agencies for “a tremendous, timely response,” according to the release. Responders included the Blanchardville Fire Department, Blanchardville EMS, Blanchardville Police Department, Argyle Fire Department, Darlington Fire Department, a Yellowstone Lake State Park ranger and a private citizen.