2-ingredient spray doesn’t get rid of stinky shoe smell

2-ingredient spray doesn’t get rid of stinky shoe smell

I know I’m not the only Toms shoe wearer that has the problem of stinky shoes and feet from wearing our favorite pair canvas slip-ons. I have been to numerous websites and forums that have said the only way to prevent stinky shoes and feet when wearing Toms is to wear socks. I have tried wearing them with socks and it’s just not the same. So I go sock-less and my feet always stink when I wear my favorite pairs of Toms.

I had resigned to having stinky feet during spring, summer and fall because that’s how often I wear Toms, until I saw a post on Pinterest that says no matter how stinky or how dirty your shoes are, a two-ingredient spray would get rid of it. I found a couple posts that said to use pure rubbing alcohol, but most of the posts said to use two parts alcohol to one part water, so I tried that.

I filled my spray bottle about half full of rubbing alcohol and then another fourth of the way with water. Then I took my favorite, oldest, smelliest pair of Toms shoes outside and sprayed them down with the mixture. Initially the shoes smelled worse, probably because they were wet, so I let them dry overnight. In the morning they smelled the same as before I sprayed them, and after wearing them a full day at work they smelled just as stinky as they normally do.

Pinterest do or don’t? This Pinterest post claiming to eradicate bad smells from feet and shoes says the alcohol kills bacteria that causes the bad smell. Well maybe my old Toms are just too old and smelly to be saved. But I also don’t think this simple spray would do anything for any of my newer pairs of Toms that are just as stinky but have been worn less. I would suggest passing on the spray and embracing stinky feet, especially if you love your Toms as much as I do.