2 arrested in connection with ‘one-pot’ meth materials

Grant Co. authorities warn citizens about items, byproduct associated with meth cooking

Two people were arrested in Grant County Tuesday in connection with suspected possession of meth-making materials.

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office said it received a report of a suspicious vehicle in Montfort at 1:05 p.m. The vehicle occupants were reportedly acting strangely, and the vehicle was parked near a daycare on East Main Street.

A witness told police one of the occupants had left the vehicle on foot and appeared to be hiding an object near a military tank by Montfort VFW, according to the report.

A deputy made contact with Cade Kirkpatrick, 24, of Montfort, and saw items identified as materials used to manufacture methamphetamine, the sheriff’s office said.

K-9 officer A-Rod searched the vehicle area and found additional meth-making products, the report said. The items were found in Kirkpatrick’s possession and some in the vehicle.

Kirkpatrick and Danielle Abbott, 30, of Linden, were arrested on suspicion of possession of materials for manufacturing meth and taken to Grant County Jail.

Two other occupants were released at the scene, according to a news release.

Sheriff Nate Dreckman said in a statement that the one-pot meth-cooking method is a dangerous procedure.

“The main concerns we have are the waste products that are generated from this process, including Gatorade bottles filled with a chemical mixture,” Dreckman said. “Citizens could come in contact with these items and not be aware how dangerous they could be.”

The department provided a picture of items associated with the one-pot method and advised citizens to use caution if seeing the items in combination and call authorities.

Pictured were two empty plastic beverage bottles, camp fuel, lithium batteries, pseudoephedrine hydrochloride (an over-the counter decongestant medicine), garden fertilizer, drain cleaner, oral pain relief medicine, and what appeared to be DampRid moisture absorbing product. There were also two flip-style cellphones, a pocket knife and a needle.