16-year-old faces felony charge for allegedly threatening students

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A 16-year-old student has been charged with a felony after she allegedly threatened students at Albany schools via social media last week, officials said.

The Green County Sheriff’s Office said an anonymous threat to students was posted on a social media website Wednesday. The post threatened to cause harm on Tuesday at the Albany school.

Officials said although the threat is not believed to be credible, it is a crime in Wisconsin to convey a message in which the actor intends to cause an evacuation, disruption, public inconvenience or fear.

The girl has been removed from the school and will remain in the custody of her parents, officials said. The decision to charge the girl came after officials reviewed website and internet records and information from the girl’s personal cellphone.

Albany police and the Green County Sheriff’s Office will be at the school Tuesday helping staff search for prohibited articles, according to a release.