10 ways to workout at home while supporting local businesses, instructors

Try out one of these workouts indoors
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During this time of social distancing due to the coronavirus, more and more people are spending entire days in self-isolation as they’re working from home and limiting the time they spend outdoors.

Because of the coronavirus, most gyms and fitness studios have had to stop offering classes or completely close their doors for the time being. For many, working out is a way to relieve stress and release any excess energy.

“It’s never been good for us to sit for long, but now that we’re isolated to these incredibly small spaces compared to being able to go out into the world, we have to be more proactive than ever about getting up and moving throughout our day,” Emily Gartland says.

Gartland, the assistant director of fitness at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, is also a certified group fitness instructor, personal trainer, strength and conditioning specialist and yoga instructor. She has been an instructor for 10 years. For those working at home, Gartland suggests setting an hourly timer for people to get up and move around for three to five minutes. This could be doing a couple stretches or stepping outside to walk around the block.

“It’s hard to motivate yourself in these times, but if you can get through that hump, if you can just make yourself do something, even if going out for a walk, you will feel better,” she says.

For many, exercise is seen as a stress reliever, and Gartland says there is a lot of research to back this up. She says it’s often a healthy outlet for people to cope with stress, and in this time period, it can help people feel better.

“It’s so important we’re taking care of ourselves. This is uncharted territory, none of us really know how to navigate it and don’t be afraid to reach out to someone,” Gartland says. “We can choose to be mad about it, be upset about it and wallow in our own self pity or we can … [say] if I want to feel good, I’m going to take that action into my own hands.”

To help people get up and move, local trainers, businesses and gyms are providing unique opportunities to stay fit and active in the comfort of your own home.

1. But First, Yoga

Gartland launched a YouTube channel in February originally dedicated to making yoga videos. Since more people are self-isolating, she saw a demand for other kinds of videos to be on the channel. “It’s become more apparent that ‘But First, Yoga’ was first and foremost a yoga channel, but now knowing my expertise was beyond yoga, I was like maybe I do barre one day, maybe I add other workouts like let’s leave this door open.” She’s planning to continue uploading yoga videos, but also barre, lower impact cardio, high-intensity interval training, strength and postpartum workout videos.

Here are some of the videos to get you started.

2. Basecamp Fitness Madison

Basecamp Fitness is making it easy to workout at home with daily workout ideas and live daily workouts. Basecamp has one location in Madison on Monroe Street, but another is expected to open on Junction Road. It also has a free app and is doing an at-home challenge if you want to have more of a community feel to your workout. The live workouts are led by instructors at other cities, which is a fun way to interact with new trainers.

3. PKFit Bootcamp

Join Peter Kraus for no equipment needed workouts at home. Peter Kraus, who was a contestant on “The Bachelor,” owns a gym in Middleton called Peter Kraus Fitness. Kraus is offering a subscription-based live workout for $35. He will have classes Monday-Saturday, with Sunday being a day of rest.

4. Perennial Yoga

Perennial has two locations, one in Fitchburg and one in Madison. Currently all in-studio classes are currently canceled, but online sessions are available. Those who are already members are asked to continue monthly membership and non-members are asked to make donations of $20, $50 or $108 for online offerings. Perennial hosts a couple classes a day that can be streamed on YouTube. Surya Cafe, Perennial’s sister cafe, is also offering a take-home menu with family-sized portions and EatStreet delivery.

5. The Studio

To provide yoga and meditation, The Studio has expanded its virtual studio. There are live and on-demand offerings at least three times daily and a library of content for members available here. Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau will be leading free guided meditation at noon every day during the coronavirus closure through Zoom. To access the guided meditation, click here.

6. Scott Anderson Yoga

Through the end of March, Scott Anderson is offering free online classes each week. This includes a 6 p.m. yoga class on Thursdays and a 9 a.m. yoga class on Fridays. To access the classes, you must register on Mindbody as there is limited space and it is the only way to get the access link.

7. Kamps

Kamps does high-intensity interval training workouts. In the interim as the studio is closed, Kamps is offering “Kamps Live.” To sign up, you can DM Kamps on Instagram or email hello@kampsfit.com. Each day you’ll receive a link to sign on to a class and receive the daily schedule.

8. Barre3

Barre3, which has one location in Madison, is offering 15 days of barre3 for free online. The subscription offers new workouts and collections every month. They also have unlimited access to hundreds of workouts. Barre3 workouts are full-body and combine strength conditioning, cardio and mindfulness. On Instagram, they are also doing some free live workouts and also posted this 30-minute workout.

9. Pat’s Gym

While classes are canceled at Pat’s Gym, personalized remote coaching is still available. Pat Gilles puts together personalized workout, nutrition and recovery programs. There is also a “no equipment program” for those who don’t have access to a gym.

10. Canvas Club Boxing

If you’ve always wanted to try boxing, maybe now is a good time to give it a shot. Join Canvas Club Boxing on Facebook for 20-minute workouts through Facebook Live. The videos are saved on Facebook and they’ll also be posting more times if you’re interested in joining the instructors live.