1 in 138: Rock County coronavirus numbers reach record highs ahead of Trump rally

JANESVILLE, Wis. – Rock County coronavirus numbers have reached a record high just hours prior to a planned rally by President Trump.

On Friday, the county posted 194 new cases, a record. This brings the total of active cases in Rock County to 1174, also a record. In a county of 163,000, this means roughly 1 in 138 people countywide currently have coronavirus.

“I would encourage anyone that feels like they’re medicallly compromised or uncomfortable being in a group setting to not go,” said Republican Representative Amy Loudenbeck (R- Clinton).  “They can watch it on TV, I’m sure people will have Facebook Live, there are other ways that people can engage and support the President.”

1179 people in Rock Co have COVID right now.

That’s 1 in 139 people in the county, roughly. #News3Now

Posted by Adam Duxter on Friday, October 16, 2020

On Friday, a group of medical professionals held a press conference asking President Trump not to come.

“President Trump’s rallies endanger public health and they have become platform for him to spread medically inaccurate information that puts people’s lives at risk right here in Wisconsin,” said Dr. Bob Friedland, an Ophthalmologist from La Crosse.

Still, others say they are excited to see the President in person.

“I was hoping to go see him and really excited that he is coming tomorrow,” said Melinda Henthorn of Beloit. “I’m going to wear my mask, I’m going to wash my hands, and try to social distance as best as possible, but I’m not going to worry.”

Trump supporters gathered at a Republican Headquarters in Rock County on Friday to make signs welcoming the President to town.

“I went to school here. I was raised here. To have a President to come and be part of this and fly into our Rock County airport, that’s huge,” said Linda Link.

“It’s more than just saying the president should stop these rallies that spread the pandemic just in Wisconsin, he should stop them everywhere,” said Dr. Friedland. “When he does do a rally, he should exercise mask requirements, social distancing, and not spread misinformation.”